Fake Beats By Dre Studio

How To Really Detect Beats By Dre Studio?


Detecting Dr Dre Studio is not an easy task, especially when there are so many variables involved particularly like where the product is manufactured and sold at. Many people do not know this, but SOME but not all versions of real Dr Dre Studio have very dark Dr Dre faces particularly in the asian market.

This is because of different printers used by different official companies to create the Dr Dre studio boxes. This still does not mean that the darker images might be real…because MOST but not all counterfeited beats by dre studio boxes are very dark, and they have many mistakes on the boxes. SOME fake beats by dre boxes are VERY BRIGHT, so please don’t just look at the dr dre face to see if it’s real or not. In fact, you have to dig deeper like a detective and look for subtle yet important cues to solve this mystery.

For a complete guide, check out Fake Beats By Dre Studio detection guide. I highly recommend this guide, it is free and honest. This guide has helped me save on grief and trouble, and I want to return the favor by writing up a non-profit blog to help promote this wonderful guide.

Also, the guide serves as the best place to buy your Dr Dre Studio purchases. Why would you spend time lurking forums and google when you can just look at one place that shows you everything! Be sure to check out the ebay auctions, and the amazon sales because they are accurately priced and you are helping the writer earn some commission without increasing your product’s price of course. But if you are more selfish than that, it is still cool because that guide is extremely helpful in finding the best Dr Dre Studios on the market for the best prices, no bullshit involved.

To read all about fake beats by dre informations click here. 


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